Welcome to Angel Therapies!

Offering bespoke professional massage therapies throughout central London

I'm Angelica Ciorba and I founded Angel Therapies to provide bespoke massage therapy in central London.

I provide a range of professional and therapeutic massages which you can read more about on the Treatments page.

I am a positive, spiritual and warm person. I have travelled, lived and worked in several European countries, visited the Far East on multiple occasions and experienced new cultures and different ways of life. Through my years of experience in the hospitality industry I developed a passion for massage therapy, how it plays a vital role in physical and mental well-being and set about studying massage intensively. Additionally, I have overcome my own personal health issues: I used to be 25kg overweight and, one day, decided to change my lifestyle through diet, intensive training and posture correction. Therefore, I feel I have a wealth of personal experience on such matters and have a strong belief that, if I can do it, anybody can!

Through my training as a massage therapist, I quickly realised that it was not only a relaxing and pleasant experience that I am able to provide: massage therapy has true physiological and psychological potential, can actually aid wellness and help overcome health issues. I am passionate about combining these skills to provide my clientele with both the physical and mental strength to deal with the pressures of today's society.

I qualified at the London School of Massage in 2015 and was awarded a Level 3 Diploma in Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology and Massage. Prior to this, in 2014 I achieved a Level 3 Diploma in Fitness Instructing and Personal Training from Premier Training International, alongside a Level 2 Diploma in Boxing.